Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scissor Fobs

Well, two more finishes due to rain. I made the pumpkin scissor fob using the pattern from the scissor sheath. The flower scissor fob is from one of my pattern books. The finishing of the fobs took me longer than the actually stitching and sewing of the fob. To make the ribbon edging on the pumpkin fob took forever! By far the worse was making the beading border on the flower fob. I am sure that there is an easier way, but it was late at night and my noggin was not working so well anymore.
I have been purging my cross stitch supplies, and I am trying to put all of my precious stuff into one spot. I am having a tough time doing this because I keep finding more stuff in a lot of different "hiding spots." I will have stuff to give away when we all get together in late July.

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