Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stitching Day, March 1st!

Hello Everyone,

I heard back from everyone but Cathy, so since most everyone can make it March 1st that is the day. Paula and I have lots of food planned so make sure you are hungry!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stitching Day???!!! Lets stitch!!!

Hello Everyone,

Does a stitching day in Maine sound good? I have available every Saturday and Sunday starting this Saturday until March 8th. The dates available are Feb. 21 & 22, Feb. 28 & March 1, & March 7 & 8.

I would handle snacks, lunch and dinner. It would be held at my parents home, and if anyone wanted to stay the night that would not be a problem. The have a queen and double bed, and then a cot and 2.5 baths. Don't worry, my parents are in Florida, so that will not be an issue. The live in Saco, Maine, about 5 minutes from the Maine Turnpike.

I only have 1 ott light, so please bring lighting! Has anyone been looking at the website for Celebrations of Needlework? I have been drooling over all the classes! What are you all interested in for classes? I love the beach chair stitching piece, and the learning new finishing techniques. I am not sure if I will take a round robin this year, I really feel that I got burned last year.
I also am thinking of doing the commuting for one day of Celebrations, with my new job if I take Friday off, then I have to pay for the sub for the day! It would cost me $60.00 for the sub! Now you all know how cheap I am, to me $60.00 is tons of money. I might take a class on Thursday, shop then drive home, and come back Friday or Saturday and go home to Maine on Sunday. Paula, we need to discuss this!!

Please let me know what works best for a stitching day or days :)