Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh what a fun project this was. Denise, Carol, and I couldn't resist this debut kit from Olde Colonial Designs when we were at Celebrations in the fall. It stitched up really quick and I decided enough, get to it and finish the silly thing. Well, it was far easier than I thought and it actually came out really, really cute. Love it!

Winter Wingding by Blue Ribbon Designs. Really tough to photograph because the alphabet doesn't show up.. One of the problems with overdyed thread, some areas get too light. In hind sight I probably should have done something different for the letters.

Cranberry Sampler with lots of modifications. I took out the alphabet because I didn't like the size of the sampler--too big! I then substituted some overdyed threads and changed the bog color.
I have a few finishes to post. I haven't been to the framer yet but decided that I better post them because I will probably never get to the framer. This is Bent Creek's Branch Series. Hard to photograph but really cute.