Saturday, December 27, 2008

Knee Keeper by The Wee Bee and Eventide Designs

This is a project I finished today that is a late Christmas gift. It's based on a Knee Keeper design by the Wee Bee. The quilt square design is from the Quilts and More patterns by Eventide Designs. I made a knee keeper for myself a year or so ago, and I made this one to match a needle book that I had previously made for the recipient. Not a great picture, and I couldn't fit the whole thing on the scanner, but you get the idea. This is probably my last finish for the year. Now I'm off for a stitching day with my sewing friends! WooHoo!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enough stash for awhile?

I was looking for something in my stash the other day and realized that I easily have enough to keep me going for many, many years. Probably long after I'm able to see and stitch any more. Of the things that I've organized so far (about 3/4 of my cross stitch stuff) I counted 15 Works in Progress, 53 Kits, 20 Ready to Start projects that I've kitted myself, 13 Charts and Embellishments that just need to have fabric added to get started (I probably already have the fabric in my fabric stash), 6 Charts and Fabrics that need to have the floss gathered to start, and about 124 charts. This is only cross stitch! It does not include My Stitching Album, which can be counted as many small projects or one very expensive big one, and a few other things that I haven't found/organized yet. I also have hardanger, pulled thread, drawn thread, sewing/quilting, and other craft projects waiting for my attention. So my new years resolution is to work only from my stash, EXCEPT for the rest of My Stitching Album which I've committed to buy from my local shop, and perhaps a 'little something' at Celebrations in May ;-)

Happy Holidays to all, and a Happy New Year filled with lots of time for stitching.