Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Name Tag follow-up

Hello Everyone,

I have more than half my name stitched! Basically, I have the letters N I S E stitched. I found a good alphabet on the Tokens and Trifles website. I started to design my own name tag, but what a pain. I scoured the 'net for better possibilities, and found that many of the letters were just to large for what I wanted to do.........so Tokens and Trifles it is!

I am still working on my Olympic Challenge from the Summer Olympics in July 2008. I am getting close to being done, a bit late, but I am continuing to make sure I finish it. I would like to put it in my classroom. See everyone in less than two weeks! Denise

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Celebrations registration and such....

Hello Everyone,

I received my confirmation about 2 weeks ago, and I am signed up for the Saturday Night Event and the finishing class. Paula and I could not decide what else to sign up for, so we made sure that we sent in for the two things we wanted 100%!! I am still trying to figure out what else I want to take, I need to decide quick, because I paid for the membership, so I want to save my 5%!

I have my personal day approved, and we will be heading to Celebrations on Friday, I just made reservations for our hotel room. I want to thank you all for offering your homes for the weekend, but there is something about staying at the hotel that feels decadent!! I think it is because I get my own bed, with great sheets!

Classes that I am very interested in are By the Beautiful Sea, Tiny Needle Purse, Waltz of the Flowers, and I am waiting for pictures of Maureen Appleton's classes. I guess that is why I haven't decided what else I want to take for classes. My daughter wants me to take the Yellow Rose Sampler class.

I haven't started on my name tag, but I have thought about my name tag. Does that count? I have the week of April 19th off, so I figure it will be done at the last minute.

BTW, I think we should all sign up for the Black Beauty Sewing Bag, it might save the class from being canceled. If we all take the class, then they only need 5 more people to keep the class going!

Now it is back to finalizing grades, and putting the final touches on a grant. Have a great week everyone!

Celebrations confirmation!

I got my confirmation for Celebrations this week. I'm signed up for Bumbling Bullions, Tiny Tool Needle Purse, Strolling the Show Floor and the Saturday Night Event. Can't wait!

Has anyone started their nametag yet? I can't believe Celebrations is less than a month away. Better get started!!