Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dreary weather, so another finish

The weather is playing a part in my time to stitch. Actually, I have been doing other things, saw a movie, went to a sidewalk art festival, working on the grant and did some cleaning out of stuff that seems to accumulate in the winter months.

Well, this pattern is from Nataly, and as you can see I started it one way, and then dumped it! Long story, get comfy........I found a large amount of linen and evenweave at Marden's (a local surplus & salvage store in ME) and I have slowly been using it for different projects. I decided to do the little crow w/tree on a piece of evenweave. I didn't bother to check the count, and I started it over two. Well, it was huge!! It looked terrible(as you can see!) Then I checked the count, it is 25 count. I tossed that piece aside, cut another piece of evenweave and did it over one, soooooooooo much better! I will finish this onto an altoid tin, and make my self a little sewing kit.
Today, since it is still iffy weather I am going to work on "finishing" projects and kitting up the little bird on the egg that I borrowed from Nataly. I don't think I will have a finish anytime soon, it has a lot of color changes.

Does anyone want the little crow w/tree pattern? I can drop it in the mail, just send me your snail mail, there is still some floss with the project. I had all of the sampler threads required of the project, so I didn't use the leftovers.


Carol B said...

Denise you've been stitching up a storm! You make me want to rush home and stitch. This one came out really cute. I think this may have been a round robin kit from a couple of years ago. I have it too, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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