Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hi everyone, Hope you are all stitching! This blog is a great idea. I love the work you all have done so far. I've finished a couple of projects and I'm now working on a coral reef scene. When I figure out how to post pictures I'll load them on. Don't forget your name tags.


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Carol B said...

Hi Nataly,

To add your pictures to a post you just have to click on the Add Image icon. It's in the row of icons above the text box where you enter your text. The one you want is the one after the ABC one. It looks like a little picture, and when you hold the mouse over it it will pop up a little box that says Add Image. When you click on it a dialog box will open so you can select the image on your computer. It takes a few minutes to upload and then it will display when you publish your posting. Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.