Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pictures of stuff I have finished...........finally!

I gave Madeliene her ugly reindeer. She loved it, enough said.

I whipped up the Boating stitching for another friend Renee, an avid boater that keeps her boat on Sebago Lake, Maine. It was a quick and easy stitch, a bit boring but with the frame it really makes it pop!

The picture to the far left is my little button jar. It took about 10 minutes to make the stitching part, about 10 minutes to finish the whole thing! As for the Summer scissor fob by Lizzie Kate was a another quick stitch that I, of course haven't done the finishing yet. I decided that I would not make it into a fob because it would be huge compared the scissors that came with the kit!

Here is a pic of my chicken tablecloth. I purchased it at Celebrations 2010, and spent the Spring and early Fall working on the tablecloth. For the most part it stays in the center of my dining table with an apple cookie jar in the center!

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Carol B said...

Nice work! I especially love the chicken tablecloth. So cute.