Monday, August 30, 2010

Midnight Watch and SAL

This is the piece I was trying to finish at our Stitching Day.  I finally got it done and will most likely drop it off at the framer next week.  I enjoyed the colors and fabric but it was a labor intensive stitch.  I like a quick fix and this wasn't it.  Carol and I decided to do BBD peacock pinkeep as a SAL so if you guys have it and want to stitch it as well please join in.  Carol has the alphabet band finished and I haven't started yet.  I am trying to decided if I want to switch the threads colors after all has anyone seen a red peacock??  Anyways I posted a pic before I start and I will try to post once a week with progress. 

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Carol B said...

Midnight Watch looks great! I love the colors. I haven't actually finished the alphabet band yet, mostly because I messed up a couple of times when I wasn't paying attention and needed to frog much of the design over and under the letters. I'll post a picture in the next day or so.