Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carol and I both completed this project together. The stitching was quick but I have been lazy with my finishing. I decided to make a matching scissor fob. I stitched part of the pattern over 1 and on the back I wanted it to look like fabric so I did a plaid pattern to match the design colors. I then finished if off with some bling(beads of course). I will bring it to stitching day so you can see it close up.


Carol B said...

I hope you made one to match my pouch too! ;-) Seriously, this is just too darned cute. I love the way that you finish your scissor fobs with the beads. And pretty artful presentation too!

denise said...

It looks beautiful! I have this pattern too. Now I have to dig it up and make it. See ya in a few days.