Monday, August 3, 2009

Olde Colonial Pincushion

Hi Everyone! I just finished this last week at one of Aiden's baseball games. It is an Olde Colonial Kit. I finished the entire thing at the ball game, stitching and finishing and still had time for the last 3 innings. Talk about immediate gratification!!


Carol B said...

Cute! Instant gratification is one of my favorite things. I love Olde Colonial Design kits. I have a bunch of them in my stash (big surprise there!)

Denise said...

It is soooo cute! I need to purchase some Olde Colonial designs. I don't think I have any.

Carol B said...

I stitched this one up too, and put it in the little tin pincushion thingy that we got at the Celebrations Saturday night event a few years ago. Fit perfectly.