Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Celebrations registration and such....

Hello Everyone,

I received my confirmation about 2 weeks ago, and I am signed up for the Saturday Night Event and the finishing class. Paula and I could not decide what else to sign up for, so we made sure that we sent in for the two things we wanted 100%!! I am still trying to figure out what else I want to take, I need to decide quick, because I paid for the membership, so I want to save my 5%!

I have my personal day approved, and we will be heading to Celebrations on Friday, I just made reservations for our hotel room. I want to thank you all for offering your homes for the weekend, but there is something about staying at the hotel that feels decadent!! I think it is because I get my own bed, with great sheets!

Classes that I am very interested in are By the Beautiful Sea, Tiny Needle Purse, Waltz of the Flowers, and I am waiting for pictures of Maureen Appleton's classes. I guess that is why I haven't decided what else I want to take for classes. My daughter wants me to take the Yellow Rose Sampler class.

I haven't started on my name tag, but I have thought about my name tag. Does that count? I have the week of April 19th off, so I figure it will be done at the last minute.

BTW, I think we should all sign up for the Black Beauty Sewing Bag, it might save the class from being canceled. If we all take the class, then they only need 5 more people to keep the class going!

Now it is back to finalizing grades, and putting the final touches on a grant. Have a great week everyone!

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